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    What's the Payback?

    Marketing & Product Departments

    • Marketing and Product Managers can quickly deploy price changes to customers, and the sales channel

    • Initiate marketing campaigns and product launches in a fraction of the time because your sales channel and customers have the necessary product pricing information within shorter time frames

    • Traditional product catalog processes are costly and quickly become outdated. iCatalog reduces your product marketing costs and allows for fast price updates

    • Reduce the cost of market literature creation

    • Ensure that customers always have accurate product and pricing information

    Sales Department

    • Free the sales team from managing repetitive customer orders while providing more sales time to focus on lucrative opportunities

    • Reduce the amount of sales person intervention required for low value add orders

    • Increase revenue by providing customers with an interactive and streamlined method of ordering products

    • Shorten the sales cycle by providing customers with user friendly information about your products and services vs. the traditional calling for a price, awaiting a response, creating the requisition order, etc. .. which increase the complexity and length of your sales cycle


    • Obtain valuable statistics on which products and services your customers inquire about most often


    • Ease the administrative workload of your customers' purchasing department by providing them with interactive product information, thus further differentiating your corporation from your competitors and enhancing the customer experience with your firm

    • Expand the exposure of your product and service offerings by allowing customer purchasing departments to electronically distribute your catalog to the requisitioning departments, end users etc.

    • Provide your customers with a user friendly way to review your product and service offerings with less effort as well as a natural way to start the buying process care of easy to use purchase requisition screens.

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