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    Integrated Quotation Management Software
    Feature Synopsis

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    The system will also write information back to the Customer Relationship manager regarding the quoted item status and follow up issues required for the quote. Considering that your customer's name and address information resides in your CRM, iQuote Express leverages that information so re typing of contact information into the quote software is not necessary.

    On-line Price Book

    Working as an on-line catalog of all your products and services, the integrated price book lets you build quotations faster and with less effort.

    Like an index, the price book is divided into major product sections, sub sections and categories. You can quickly find any part you require, even when the database contains thousands of items.

    For any item in the Price Book Database you can attach:

    • Part & Model Numbers

    • Description (Short & Long)

    • Cost, Margins & Pricing

    • Associated Drawing Names

    • Dollar Conversion Factors

    The Price Book Index acts as a very effective filter for users quickly find the items they wish to quote on.

    Price Book Screen Shot

    To save time, iQuote Express' new Price Book Import Wizard manages price updates manually or from your Vendors, Distributors, or Accounting system

    The Price Book Import Wizard guides you through the process of importing your price lists into iQuote Express. Once imported you can save the import field structure for usage when you receive Price updates.

    iQuote Express can import prices into the price book care of Excel, Access, Dbase, or Delimited Format The normal field layout is PB Section, Equipment Type Section, Part #, Mfg #(optional), Cost Price, Selling Price.

    Look at the Price Book Screen Shot below to see where this data appears.


    Protect your Price Book Descriptions from Being Overwritten by your Distributor, Vendor or Accounting Price Lists

    Quite often the standard product descriptions from your accounting, ERP or supplier lists are not conducive for sales quotations because the descriptions lack relevance to your customers or there may be description length limitations.

    With iQuote Express you can change the descriptions of your products and protect them from being overwritten by price updates … This powerful feature allows you to take advantage of the raw data available from your back office systems in order to drive revenue, yet keep product descriptions conducive to your target audience.


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