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    Integrated Quotation Management Software
    Feature Synopsis

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    ...Fresh crisp screens and a left to right icon methodology
    promote iQuote Express' high user adoption

    Quote Generator

    Customer quotations are assembled in the Quote Generator module.

    You can build a quotation several ways, including:

    a. Picking components from the on-line price book

    b. Typing items free hand directly into the Quote Generator screen

    c. Quote templates

    d. Copying entire quotes or items from previous quotes

    The quote format can be divided into sections with pricing data options displayed by item, section and quote total. You can also attach product options, cover letters, terms and conditions, warranty information and product operating descriptions.

    Once a quotation is prepared, a built in pricing work sheet provides the flexibility to adjust quoted prices by applying a customer discount or editing the margin on an individual item or group of items. With each adjustment made you immediately see the effect on the gross profit for the quote.. In this way, you can tailor each quotation to the individual needs of your customer.

    Quote Book

    As an alternative to picking items from the price book, you can also select items from previously issued quotations stored in the Quote Book. Picking items from the quote book is quick and easy and you can set up template quotations for items that you quote routinely. While in iQuote Express you can switch from one quote to another and have all open windows instantly update.


    Quote Mail Box

    iQuote Express helps you keep track and follow up on sales quotations with better results. The Quote Mail Box records the date a quotation is issued, when it was revised and a forecast on the probability of acceptance.


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