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    Integrated Quotation Management Software
    Feature Synopsis

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    Order Module Available in the iQuote Professional

    Use iQuote to create invoice request or official orders in the office or in the field. To create an order you simply mark the quote as accepted and the order form is automatically filled in with the quoted items. You can edit the order to change, delete or add items to fit the specific needs of the customer.

    As the order form is linked to the customers' tables in the contact manager, you can pick different locations for invoicing, shipping and jobsite from pull down menus.
    For rejected quotations, iQuote provides the facility to record comments as to why the quote was rejected (e.g. price, delivery..etc.) This can be a powerful tool for lost sales analysis by product, customer etc.


    Accounting/ERP links

    iQuote Express currently links to accounting systems such as Quick Books, and MYOB.

    iQuote can be integrated with ERP systems and other back office applications.

    iQuote integration with your sales and order system provides your organization with the synergy required to eliminate costly disconnects between sales, quoting and orders.

    Customer contact applications: Your Customer Relationship Manager manages your prospect and customer interaction activities.
    Quotation management: iQuote Express reads the names and addresses found in your Customer Relationship Manager and ties this information with its powerful quote preparation and retrieval engine.
    Order management: Once the quotes are accepted the data can be electronically sent to leading accounting and ERP applications that are iQuote compatible.

    Note: The nature of the iQuote Express link to accounting and ERP applications will vary based on the open architecture, or non open architecture of each back office vendor. iQuote's data structure is fully open in order to take advantage of integration opportunities with your back office systems.

    When used in conjunction with the synchronization component of your Customer Relationship Manager, iQuote Replication will synchronize price updates, accepted orders and quotations between field representatives and the head office.


    iQuote Express Scalability

    Integrate your applications with iQuote Express or increase scalability with
    migration to iQuote Professional.



    Built to support Microsoft's open standards, iQuote Express can be customized to your business needs and interfaced to other systems. iQuote Express streamlines the distribution of pricing information and establishes a standard approach for issuing quotations across your entire distribution channel.

    iQuote Express is ideal for regional offices and outside sales rep's who require the flexibility to issue quotations from remote locations. iQuote Replication facilitates the consolidation of field quotes for management reporting.


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