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    Attract Customers with iQuote Express Quote Layouts

    Add Images to your Quotations to Enhance Customer Purchase Interest

    Although not shown on this particular quote you can attach product pictures on to your quotations.

    Use your digital camera to make spectacular quotations, cut and paste product images from the Web etc.

    A University of Minnesota study proved, that including a simple graphic with text increases the persuasiveness of a message by 47 percent.


    1. Outline a 'Quote Mission Statement' on the quote that reminds customers of quote objectives and the values of your offering

    Sales trainers often stress that listening to your customers' needs and requirements is essential for sales success. Use iQuote Express' 'Quotation Summary' to remind customers why you are the best choice for their needs.

    The 'Quotation Summary' acts as the Executive Summary for your quote, in addition to explaining why the customer should work with you and not the competition. Use iQuote Express, to ensure that your quote value statements are closely connected to your actual pricing.

    2. Break the quotes into multiple sections in order to position your pricing and avoid customer 'sticker shock'

    By separating your product and services into sections, your customers will have a concise and structured method to review your quote.

    For example:

    A Network Reseller may quote $80K for a project.
    The customer may be more accepting of the quote if it is presented as two
    sections, namely 'Hardware at $60K' and 'Services at $20K'. In addition,
    customers may be less likely to attempt price negotiations with you because the
    market understands there is little margin in hardware, and to force a discount on
    services may reduce the quality of the job.

    3. Show line items or simply sub totals on your quotations in order to prevent, customer price shopping or undue customer price negotiations

    iQuote Express supports various price presentation strategies that will entice your customers' buying style.

    Eliminate the need for a Quote Coversheet with your Quotations

    Use quote mission statements to reduce the amount of quote pages that customers must review in order to choose your quote.

    However when quote cover letters are essential to your quote success, iQuote Express' cover letter engine allows you to create auto text sentences and paragraphs.

    The trend is leaning towards creating concise statements that outline the objective of the quotation on the same page of the quotation. Quote mission statements ensure that the value of your offering is always connected with your pricing.

    4. Present quotes with or without a final grand total price.

    Depending on your customers' buying style, grand total flexibility on quotes can help you to improve your quote acceptance performance.

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