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    Integrated Quotation Management Software
    Feature Synopsis

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    Intuitive Interface

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    Years of studying the quotation management processes of highly efficient corporations have resulted in the iQuote screen layout. The screen layout is simple, yet extremely powerful and provides the infrastructure necessary to utilize the latest quotation management best practices.

    You can effortlessly navigate the quotation manager with the help of tool bars and pop up windows.

    In addition, iQuote's open architecture allows for closed loop selling... Meaning, the customer relationship manager at the front end, links to the quotation manager in the middle which in turn can be linked to manufacturing, distribution or other functions at the back end. Therefore each software system can communicate with each other via ODBC or related technology. The result is a streamlined quote communication structure between systems, and departments.

    To add an item to a quotation you simply pick the price book and then browse the electronic listings selecting the required items.

    Sample of Features List

    • Strong Integration
      with your Favorite
      CRM System

    • Quote Generator

    • Price Book Management

    • Quotation Tracking

    • Assemblies & Sub-
    • Bill of Materials

    • Project Tracking

    • Quote Work Sheet

    • Order Form

    • Quotation

    • Log Forecasting
    • Data Import/Export

    • Drawing List

    • Data Security

    • Networkable

    • Powerful Search Engine

    Integrated Functions

    iQuote is a highly integrated system that ties together all phases of the quotation process. It establishes a seamless link between your price book, customer lists in your CRM system, suppliers, sales representatives, vendors and technical drawing information.

    Once a quote is issued, revisions and progress are automatically tracked so you can quickly determine the status of any outstanding or accepted quotation.

    To generate a quotation, you step through the workflow schematic shown on the main screen. iQuote can automatically keep track of the time elapse between the initiation of the quote, client acceptance and the delivery of the product as well as other milestones along the way.

    Customer Relationship Management Linkage

    iQuote is one of the most integrated systems available for the CRM Systems

    iQuote establishes an up to date link with your CRM information every time you create a new quotation.

    iQuote will also write information back to the CRM system regarding the status and follow up issues required for the quote. Considering that your customer's name and address information resides in your CRM application, iQuote leverages that information so re typing of contact information into the quote software is not necessary.

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