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    Integrated Quotation Management Software
    Feature Synopsis

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    Order Module

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    To create an order you simply mark the quote as accepted and the order form is automatically filled in with the quoted items. You can then edit the order to change, delete or add items to fit the specific needs of the customer.

    As the order form is linked to the customers' tables in the CRM System, you can pick different locations for invoicing and shipping from pull down menus. The order module also allows you to record work order instructions and all relevant information required to complete the order.

    For rejected quotations, iQuote provides the facility to record comments as to why the quote was rejected (e.g. price, delivery..etc.) This can be a powerful tool for lost sales analysis by product, customer etc.

    Bill of Materials

    The Bill of Materials (BOM) program is an add-on module to prepare detailed material and labor requirements to complete a job by using "Component List" features in the price book, you can automatically create Bill of Materials for quoted products. Bill of Materials can consist of assemblies, sub-assemblies and sub-sub-assemblies.

    Once created, you add, change or remove items using the standard tool bar icons


    The optional Bill of Materials module will also give you access to the optional purchasing program for ordering components or subcontracting work. iQuote's optional purchasing module keeps track of PO numbers, suppliers, delivery dates , shipping instructions and purchased pricing. When quoting on new projects you can issue requests for quotations (RFQ's) to obtain current pricing information from suppliers.

    Project Tracking

    Once the Bill of Materials is completed, you can track the completion of the order with

    iQuote's optional project tracking module. This module provides facilities for planning, scheduling and monitoring the progress of each component and assembly in the BOM. You can also schedule and monitor the shipping and receiving of parts and materials.


    Built to support Microsoft's open standards, Quote 5.0 can be customized to your business needs and interfaced to other systems. iQuote can also help streamline the process of distributing pricing information and establishing a standard approach for issuing quotations across your entire distribution channel.

    Quote 5.0 is ideal for regional offices and outside sales rep's who require the flexibility to issue quotations from remote locations. Integrated import and export features facilitate the transferring of information and consolidating it for management reporting.

    Efficient quotation management equals better quote to order ratios.


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