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    Integrated Quotation Management Software
    Feature Synopsis

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    iQuote comes with a comprehensive set of reports including:

    • Quotation (quote, cover letter, terms and conditions)

    • Quotation Work Sheet

    • Quotation Status

    • Forecast Report

    • Work Order

    • Production Status

    • Bill of Materials (option)

    • Purchase Orders(option)

    • RFQ's (option)

    • Job Costing Drawing List

    • Project Schedules (option)

    • Packing SlipOther reports and queries can be custom made to suit your needs

    Return on Investment

    iQuote can impact your bottom line through:

    • Faster turnaround and reduced sales cycle times

    • Better tracking and sales follow up

    • Improved productivity - Less time to generate quotations, orders and BOM's

    • Greater accuracy - Fewer errors in quotations as each quote is based on up to date costing information

    • Consistent quality in output and improved account continuity

    • Eliminate duplication of effort and data redundancy

    • More effective decisions - with a better handle on sales forecasts, project control and tracking, you can better define present and future client and requisition needs

    • Improved access to information - Less disruption when someone is away, changes jobs or leaves the company. Likewise, new staff will be productive faster

    • Streamline information sharing with suppliers, distributors and customers

    • Reduce costs - select the most cost effective parts, leverage purchasing opportunities and reduce the number of suppliers

    It all adds up to :

    • Faster Service

    • Improved Productivity

    • Lower Costs

    • Enhanced Quote to Order Ratios

    Usage Requirements

    • Windows 2000 or higher

    • Minimum recommended configuration includes: Pentium PC or laptop with 512 MB of RAM, 100 Meg of hard drive space

    Features List

    • Microsoft Office "look and feel" with standard Windows toolbars, icons and pull down menus

    • Integrated Price Book that works as an on-line catalog of all your products and services

    • Quote editor to quickly assemble quotes, apply discounts and view margins

    • Filter & view quotes by customer, quote status, sales rep, region and many other criteria

    • User Defined Fields (UDF’s) let you attach custom data fields specific to your business

    • Track quotes by date issued, probability of winning, expected award data and other parameters

    • Flexible import module lets you import data from many standard formats

    • Attach cover letters, terms & conditions, and other documents

    • Consolidate & synchronize quotes from outside sales reps and branch offices

    • Standard reports including internal quote format, won/lost report, part activity, price list, quote status report and more

    • Custom reports produced using the power of Microsoft Access or other third party report generator


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