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    iQuote Quoting - Customer Rankings

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    Margin Protection Strategies 6

    Ranking customers by revenue and margin alone will only provide a partial picture of the profit opportunities available.

    For a complete picture, IRR for iQuote can provide:

    • Product matrix reports - uncover up sell and cross sell opportunities

    • Time spent on quotes, sorted by customer and or by product lines

    • Comparisons between high margin and low margin customers, in addition to tracking the time differential for quote to cash cycles

    Without this information, customers that appear profitable may actually be negatively impacting your bottom line.

    In addition, customers purchasing low-margin products may in fact be contributing to cash and profits much faster.

    IRR for iQuote delivers analytics to:

    • Rank customers by key performance metrics that include total cash, profit, revenue, margins and or
      preferential product lines

    • Target new marketing efforts to low margin customers that generate cash faster than average

    • Target new marketing efforts high margin customers that generate cash slower than average

    • Spot and resolve problem performance levels with customers, products, and sales territories that are operating below target goals


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